Corporate Social Responsibility

At Aarbur we realize that the success of the company is deeply rooted in the welfare of the society which has given it the prospects to shine. The welfare of the employees who serve the company with sheer dedication and enthusiasm serves as the cornerstone philosophy of the company. By making true endeavors the company makes sure that its corporate social responsibility is fulfilled everywhere it does business.

  1. Education is the vital requirement for a better and shinnier tomorrow. Hence, the company pays for the schooling of all the kids of our entire labor force
  2. A happy home makes a better man. Keeping in pace with this phrase, the company has from time to time helped a number of its laborers to build their homes
  3. We contribute every year towards the local community funds for social welfare and cultural development
  4. The feather to the cap is the fact that the company is audited for social compliance; minimum wage, no child labor, labor benefits, etc.