Aarbur was incepted in the year 1987 as a 100% export oriented unit specializing in the manufacture of jute bags. With its timeless efforts, dedication and the passion to excel, the company has come a long way to establish itself as a niche entity in the sector.

The scorching success of the company can be attributed to the visionary ideals and core values which lays the very foundation for the working of the Company - respect for nature and mankind. Anchored with perseverance and a true enterprising spirit the Company is accentuating the success ladder with the help of the state-of-art technology and a highly motivated and skilled workforce. With emphasis on quality and commitment, the Company strives to create a better society, develop new and promising markets and keep the supply lines moving with quality products and services.

Our quality control department is manned by specially trained expert staff. The products of the company undergo comprehensive inspection and functional checks. Every step in the production process is subjected to our rigorous quality assurance system. From the purchase of raw materials to the packing of the finished products, each stage is carefully monitored to ensure that the activities of the company remain "eco-friendly".

Last year, the firm exported 1.2 million shopping bags to the United States, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Sweden, Denmark, among other countries. With increased production capacities, the firm has set itself an export target of 2.00 million bags this year.

Why Aarbur

What sets us apart from others in the field are

  1. We are driven by a passion to pursue excellence
  2. Encouraging team work and Excellent Quality is the way of life at Aarbur
  3. We are committed to delivering excellence through our professionalism, inspired management, the application of industry best practices and continuous improvement
  4. We are receptive to being challenged and determined to go the extra mile to deliver exactly what our clients need
  5. The company has earned the coveted certificates like ISO 9001 and SA 8000